Conservative dentistry is the branch of dentistry concerned with the restoration of teeth damaged by caries or other factors, while respecting and preserving as much as possible the residual tooth tissues.

Teeth can be reconstructed with amalgam or composite resins. In a number of cases, the damage is so large that the portion of missing tooth must be made in the lab (indirect restorations, called “INLAYS”) and then cemented in the mouth.

The quality and duration of reconstructions are directly linked to a proper isolation of the operating field using a “dam”.

Fig 1: the pictures show a clinical case in which amalgam fillings with infiltrations are replaced by new composite resin fillings.

Fig 2: The pictures show the reconstruction of old restorations with inlays. After removing the old restorations, an impression is taken and the artefacts are made in the lab. After a few days the inlays are cemented.


Dental Trauma

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