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Our aim is to offer an excellent dental service

The Dental Studio Drs. Ban, Mancini, Fabbri was created with the aim of offering a qualified dental service continuously updated based on the most recent scientific innovations in a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

The Project

The lengthening of the average lifespan and the economic well-being of our society has led to increasing requests by people to obtain and maintain good oral health as well as an increased desire for function and aesthetics.

An important aspect in this perspective assumes prevention, as well as  care of people with special needs such as pregnant women, children and patients with systemic diseases or other problems.


In a highly complex sector such as the health sector, in order to provide our patients with quality services that meet their needs, a complex organization that strives for excellence at all levels is required.

Team of experts
Studio BMF
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High quality health services in a relaxing atmosphere

We direct our efforts in this direction. The medical services provided by specialist doctors and the paramedical staff of the studio are of a high standard because they are implemented in accordance with the most advanced international scientific protocols and are constantly monitored.

Welcoming Room Design

Our structure has been designed to guarantee every type of patient a comfortable space in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The clinical area is at the forefront in terms of technological innovation, therapeutic approaches and safety.


Visit the studio

Before you visit us in person, you can visit our Specialist Dental Studio thanks to our virtual tour. You will be able to see the attention we have for details and our technological innovations. This tour can therefore put your mind at ease.