In our studio, a Cone beam CAT X-ray unit has been available for a the last few years. It provides three-dimensional images of the solid structures of the oral cavity (bones a

The use of radiological devices that provide a view on the three planes of the space allows for a much more precise diagnosis than the traditional two-dimensional images.

Cone Beam technology is an important evolution compared to traditional CT commonly used in hospitals.

Cone Beam devices are in fact smaller and less expensive than spiral CTs. They are more comfortable for patients and allow us to study the same volumes with a much lower exposure to ionizing radiation (in some cases about eighty to ninety percent less).

It is possible to study even very small parts with further exposure reduction. These devices do not find their role in general medicine due to their low radiant power which makes them unsuitable for exploring soft tissues. However they have found their use in dentistry in the study of mineralized structures of the oral cavity.

This modern technology allows us to correctly plan the insertion of osseointegrated implants and to make a correct preoperative diagnosis in extractive surgery (e.g. wisdom teeth and normal teeth included). It also allows us to diagnose the presence of granulomas, bone defects and other anatomical anomalies.

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