During pregnancy, expectant mothers face a whole series of routine medical checks. Dental health should be included in these and not be neglected. Having an optimal oral condition during the 9 months of gestation can act as a prevention against unpleasant inconveniences.

Please note that  hormonal variations that occur during pregnancy can be responsible for an increase in gingival inflammation and this phenomenon is even more evident when unsatisfactory hygiene conditions  are present.

Another important aspect is related to the management of dental emergencies in pregnancy. When dental pathologies that are accompanied by pain occur, caution should be exercised when administering local drugs and anesthetics.

In fact, there are several substances that are absolutely contraindicated during gestation therefore the management of these situations can become complicated.

In principle, it would be advisable to postpone any medical operation after reaching the third month of gestation. However, if the patient in front of us  requires immediate treatment, all possible precautions that have been discussed with their gynecologist would need to be adopted.

All types of radiographic examinations should be avoided during the 9 month period, therefore it is necessary that patients who suspect they are pregnant communicate this possibility to their dentist.

Moreover, a useful consultation tool to further this topic can be found in a publication of the National Association of Italian Dentists. You can download it below.

ANDI (National Association of Italian Dentists) Publication.
Dental treatment in pregnancy and early years of life by Fabrizio Montagna and Roberto Ferro.

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