The operating microscope has been used in dentistry for several years, especially in the endodontic and prosthetic fields.

In recent years this instrument has also found a place in Periodontology, where the development of minimally invasive techniques works in cohesion with this instrument.

The possibility of working on enlargements that cannot be seen with common enlargers and the possibility of having an illumination of the operating field coaxial for the operator’s view has made it possible to increase the effectiveness of periodontal regeneration operations.

The main indication for the use of the periodontal microscope is the regeneration of deep localized angular defects.

With this approach, in fact, the incisions and the detachment are limited to a few millimeters with very reduced discomfort and post-operative swelling. This increases the possibility of maintaining the precious “biological capital” represented by natural teeth with greater predictability and less invasiveness.

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