Services being offered in the dental field have now reached, at least as far as the most advanced and modern societies are concerned, medium-high quality levels and are widespread.
From this perspective “globalization” is also positively influencing this sector of medicine, as now these services are available to a truly large number of people.

The multiplicity and different  types of patients a dentist observes must be the starting point on which to set the treatment path. It is essential that the patient gravitates to the center of this “microcosm”.

To cope with these aspects, a modern quality dentistry must be based on a multi-specialist organization: Our practice was founded precisely with this philosophy in mind. Our efforts are aimed at offering total quality dentistry.

Specializations must however completely interact, otherwise there is a risk of undertaking therapies and treatments that are not appropriate and could be unsuitable for specific pathologies.

It is very important to avoid both “over treatment” and even more so “wrong treatment”.

The step we have identified as a solution to these problems lies in the concept of a “dental team”, which gives guidance in everyday work and makes us aware of the fact that our professional individualities are shaped on a specific training background and on concepts and skills specific to “ars medica”.

As a result of these premises, the services provided must have the objective of achieving the “optimum performance”. This can be achieved with a view that strives to being closer to the expectations of individual patients, not considering the practice appropriate to our professional choices of the “series production”.

Offering quality therapies is the result of a few but fundamental aspects: continuous training, research and development, technological innovation, and organization of the working environment.

For us, professional enrichment also means having increasingly modern and technologically advanced tools; examples are the operating microscope, the cone beam CT (Cone Beam Technology, CBTC) and the 3D planning software for implant surgery. These are all exceptional diagnostic tools that allow us to proceed with increasingly precise, safe and reliable therapies.

Even in the area of Endodontics, CT scans have become extremely useful in the field of diagnostics.

It is often noted that with traditional radiography, apical lesions (granulomas) are not clearly highlighted whereas with Computerized Tomography images they are very evident.

In effect, after the arrival of the Operating Microscope, used for years in our office as an indispensable tool for quality Endodontics, it can be said that Cone Beam technology is changing the way we deal with the range of endodontic problems, providing valuable information to the specialist, who up until this point could not satisfactorily receive information from the diagnostic means available.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the radiation emission of this equipment is much lower compared to traditional Tomographs.

The high expectations of patients stimulate the dental technician team to obtain increasingly satisfactory aesthetic and functional results. Aesthetic functional rehabilitations are in fact more and more requested by our patients, and in order to obtain the best results these therapies are managed following modern diagnostic and therapeutic protocols.

From this perspective, the evolution of all ceramic restorations and the introduction of Cad / Cam technology in the production of prosthetic components has led to significant improvements in the biological, aesthetic and functional fields.

All this translates into an increasingly natural aesthetic and minimally invasive therapy for the patient with minor biological sacrifice.

The other key point that distinguishes us in terms of total quality is how our dental studio is organized. This is due to our understanding of the value of human resources and training.

The entire team, from us dental professionals and the staff in administration all enrol in communication and management courses.  The motivation for this lies in our intention to minimize the “psychological” gap too often found between patients and staff

Another strategic factor from an organizational point of view is collaboration with the dental technician, especially with regard to aesthetic prosthetic treatments.

This includes knowledge and the use of new ceramic materials, such as Zirconia or vitreous ceramics. Their correct indications, the quality of the “finished” product, extreme attention to detail and last but not least patient selection are the lifeblood of the success of these treatments. The rehabilitations with all-ceramic restorations and crowns that are proposed in our studio always follow this rigid therapeutic protocol, bearing in mind that, in addition to having a major impact on the patient’s aesthetics, they also have a significant functional value.

We understand and believe in the importance of our dental hygiene department. We employ highly professional hygienists with a university degree who in addition to promoting and practicing prophylaxis, carry out bleaching with the most modern techniques currently on the market.

In special cases we also endeavour to collaborate with an expert anesthesiologist who offers  their professional support in cases of complex treatments where  anesthesia is required. As a result we note significant improvement in patient compliance and their well-being.

Another department with an important social impact is that of pedodontics. The care of children of different ages is also practiced sometimes with the help of sedation. This means we can ensure the best conditions in order to carry out the necessary therapy.

From what has been illustrated so far, we deeply trust in the idea of our group as a strength for quality dentistry. We endeavour to achieve collaboration of the various members within the team as the best strategy for the optimization of performance levels.

Everything is based on human and professional qualities and they are applied in daily synergic commitment.

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