Promising a guarantee in the health sector is always complicated. This is due to the fact that the human body is characterized by a series of individual variables that make it impossible to determine the average duration of a specific therapy.

We must consider, for example, eating and behavioral habits, as well as individual predisposition towards specific diseases.

In the dental field these considerations are even more complex since in addition to a biological factor there is also a continuous individual biomechanical component linked to the occlusal, phonetic and chewing function.

Despite this premise, our Studio strives to offer a PERSONALIZED GUARANTEE SERVICE that takes into consideration the type of treatment performed and the patient’s biological and biomechanical risk profile.

In this sense, the maintenance over time, of the therapies performed, plays a fundamental role.  We would like to emphasize that ONLY patients who scrupulously follow an individualized maintenance and professional hygiene program will be able to benefit from this guarantee.

Our ultimate goal is to carry out effective therapies that can last for many years in order to improve the quality of  your life and save you time and money.

Dental treatment in pregnancy and early life – looked after by Fabrizio Montagna and Roberto Ferro.

Dental Monitoring

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Si può, grazie a Dental Monitoring!

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