CTB Cone Beam, What is it? What are the advantages for the patient?

In our practice for a few years there has been a CTB Cone Beam radiological device capable of providing three-dimensional images of the oral cavity’s hard structures (bones and teeth). The use of radiological devices that provide an overview on the three levels of space allows much more precise diagnoses than the traditional two-dimensional images.

The Cone Beam technology is a major evolution compared to traditional Cat commonly used in hospitals (Spiral CAT). The Cone Beam devices are in fact smaller and less expensive than spiral Cat, more comfortable for patients and allow you to study the same volumes with much lower exposure to ionizing radiation (in some cases from eighty to ninety percent less) .

It is possible to also study very small areas with further reduction to exposure. These devices are not used in general medical practice because their low radiation power makes them unsuitable to explore the soft tissues, but they have nonetheless found their use in dentistry in the study of the oral cavity’s mineralized structures.

This advanced technology allows for the correct planning for the insertion of osseointegrated implants, for making a correct preoperative diagnosis in extraction surgery (eg. wisdom teeth and impacted teeth), for diagnosing the presence of granulomas, bone defects and other anatomical anomalies.

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